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Why Design is So Important to eCommerce Success


We tend to believe that quality is the deciding factor in many situations when making a purchase. We want to get the best of the best for the price. What makes a good quality eCommerce website? You may answer by saying it is the products, the quality of the content, or the information you provide. Yet, web design holds a great place in the eCommerce equation. Having a well-designed and appealing website goes a long way in eCommerce success.

Why is the design so important to your quest for achieving eCommerce success? Today, we will explore the reasons why you should put a lot of time and care into creating a quality website design.

It Builds Trust

It doesn’t matter what product you are selling or how great the need for the product may be, many online shoppers only buy from eCommerce merchants they can trust. One of the challenges of the eCommerce space is building that trust. One way you can is with a detailed and attractive website design. A website that has a modern look that catches the eye and shows everything in its place is more likely to be trusted than a poorly constructed or outdated website that can look confusing.

Look and Feel

The design and development of a website are directly linked when it comes to influencing eCommerce purchases. Your website should not only look good but also be easy to use and easy to navigate for the customer. If they want to run a search, have a tool set up that quickly narrows the options. Make it easy for customers to get to the specific categories they want to browse. The more user-friendly your website is, the more likely customers will increase their trust in your online business and continue shopping even if they are only browsing for products.

Images and Graphs

What good is an eCommerce website design if it isn’t accented with various imagery like photos, videos, infographics and more. Images are especially important to an eCommerce store because you need to be able to paint the picture as vividly as possible. Remember, customers cannot physically see or hold the product before they purchase, so they are trusting your words to describe the product and your images to display the product in an accurate manner that will make a positive difference.

Images and graphs that engage the customer are also very well received by search engines. Your words in product and meta descriptions and the images and graphs that will visually add more information can be the biggest influence on a customer as they weigh the decision to make a purchase.

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Increase Brand Awareness

With all of the visuals that can be included on a website, you want to make sure your presence is felt. Boost your brand awareness through the placement of your logo, company colors, catchphrases and slogans that resonate with your eCommerce business and establish familiarity. If you decide to stop for fast food on a road trip, you instantly connect with the logo and slogan of an established chain like McDonald’s.

You want people to have the same feeling as they come to you after making an initial purchase, to build the brand so people spread your name through word of mouth marketing and online reviews. People should instantly identify with your logo and colors and know that they have come to the website of a company that is trustworthy and offers a high-quality product.

The design of the website will always remain important because of how it can tie all of your marketing efforts together. You can have a good looking website that doesn’t function well or you can have a website that works well but looks boring and outdated. Bringing the design and functionality of a website together can be the boost you need to reach new heights in your marketing and start to bring in customers.

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