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What Makes a Sustainable PPC Strategy


Many businesses put a PPC campaign to work because of the control. It is easy to measure ad performance and target many different options across platforms.

Setting goals is the foundation of a PPC campaign. It requires an element of planning before you can launch, measure, and evaluate your campaign.

At 1Digital Agency, we know how to leverage your PPC campaign to maximize the return on investment and promote your brand, products and categories. We can help you craft an effective PPC strategy.

Here are a few things to consider in your PPC strategy.

Know Your Audience – To effectively go into a PPC campaign, you need to know your audience and the important demographics. You also need to identify where they fall in the funnel of making a decision. There are four steps of the decision-making funnel — awareness, interest, desire and action.

The Right Message – With a PPC campaign, you can choose from a variety of messages and ads to reach your audience, but it will take something specific to really reach and capture your target audience. To find this message, it requires some testing. With a PPC campaign, it’s important to remember that while Google is selling ad impressions, they only get paid if the ad gets clicks. In doing this, you need to make the most of your impressions and do what you can to generate clicks because that’s what makes you a successful client. Engaging ads are important to show that you are capable of getting clicks and showing that you are a valuable PPC client. Doing this can get you rewarded by platforms like Google with special deals for more impressions for less money.


The Funnel System – We mentioned the decision-making funnel and how people will find you at all different stages of the funnel. It is your job to get them interested with the right message and guide them through the funnel. Try to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and consider the steps being taken to make a purchase.

A/B Testing – A/B testing is a crucial part of the process because it helps determine how you can get more conversions and get customers to take that next step. What should you be testing for? For a landing page, choose elements like a convincing headline, images, the design and layout, testimonials, sales copy or a call to action.

Search Ads – As you try to push customers to the bottom of the sales funnel, search advertising is a tool that can help. It’s important to know the target of search advertising. This is for customers that fall into the desire and action stages, moving closer to actually completing a purchase. Your search ads need to reflect what users want to see. The headline should reflect the search terms. The image should match what they are looking for. Don’t make the ad too wordy and make the call to action clear. Using action words that help people find you goes a long way in establishing success with search ads.

With a better understanding of a PPC strategy and what you should be doing to achieve success, why not put it in the hands of a trusted team? With 1Digital Agency, you can get all the help you need to make your PPC campaign a success while utilizing all of the tools and strategic elements that PPC requires.

Contact 1Digital Agency today about getting started with your PPC campaign.

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