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What an SEO Audit Shows You About Your Website


You try to do everything to make your website have better rankings on search engines. You write content that contains the keywords your visitors are using the most. You give your website a great design. You make sure your website is running at a good speed. But nothing seems to be working.

SEO can get frustrating for a lot of merchants because it requires a lot of patience to see rankings and even then, you may still be falling short of your expectations. What more can you do? You feel like you are making an effort and not being rewarded.

At 1Digital Agency, one of the things we do before we start your SEO campaign is complete an SEO audit report that shows the strengths and weaknesses of your website from identifying broken links to finding any duplicate content to analyzing your site speed. It allows us to see what is already generating results, what are the weaknesses of your website’s performance and where there are opportunities to achieve other results.

So what kind of information do we get on an SEO audit report? Today, we will review that.

Crawl Insight – A crawl insight takes a deep dive into the structure of the website and ensures that your website can be picked up by search engines. Google’s spiders crawl the web, reading the various web pages, then indexes them and uses them to show the best results to search terms. What this crawl report shows is everything from the technical SEO that is found within the coding of the website to the on-page SEO that is read by the search engines. The crawl report will also show you any errors within the crawl that can be corrected to achieve better search engine results.

Broken Links – One of the errors that can be identified from an SEO audit are any broken links that could be hurting your results. Broken links are any pages that cannot be loaded due to issues such as 404 errors. These issues are usually easily fixable, so this is an important part of your SEO analysis. This also provides a look at if there is any content that is duplicated and reviews content for originality and uniqueness. 

SEO Dashboard – This allows us to get a closer look into the backlinks that come to the website and how much domain authority they provide. It helps us to see that backlinks come from trusted domains and actually add value to your SEO. This is also where we look at if there are any toxic backlinks that are not providing value or may be broken. We also analyze things like site speed and loading time to determine how well the website functions, which is another ranking factor to consider.

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Traffic – A traffic report helps us see the keywords that have earned you rankings before and the traffic that they get among search terms. This allows us to see how many keywords you already rank for and what that is doing for your current domain authority. It also allows us to see the difficulty index for current keywords and the sources of organic traffic before our evaluation. 

Opportunity – As much as an SEO audit is about yourself and what you are ranking for, it is also important that we get an understanding of what is being searched within your industry or by your competition. This gives us an idea of what keywords are relevant to the client and the industry, how difficult it is to rank for these words and whether we want to target these keywords or not. It serves as a guideline for selecting target keywords where results can be achieved.

If you are preparing to start an SEO campaign, give us a call at 1Digital Agency and let us get started with an SEO audit that gives us an inside look at your website and the opportunities where future success on search engines can be achieved.

Our SEO campaigns start with an extensive audit review, then dive into creating a keyword list where there is an opportunity for early success and continuing to evolve that list as results are achieved through consistent content writing with the best SEO practices in mind.

Contact us today to get started on this journey with us as we help you achieve new heights through a dedicated SEO campaign.

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