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Tips for Generating More Leads Through SEO


SEO is essential for success in the online space. It is well known how much this matters to eCommerce business all over the world, but do you know that SEO is important to businesses that rely on lead generation as well?

The websites that target the right keywords, produce consistently well-written content, function properly and efficiently, and feature an awesome-looking design have the most success because they attract search engines and keep their attention.

The goal of SEO is visibility, how many people you can get in front of as a result of being at the top of search engine result pages. It doesn’t matter if you sell physical products and have an online store or if you have a business that provides services where a purchase is not made online. SEO remains important to getting the attention of your potential customers.

Today, we will review some tips for generating more leads through SEO.

Optimize Your Content

Page optimization is extremely important in your SEO efforts for both lead generation and eCommerce success. You need to do thorough keyword research in order to get the best keywords to attract the audience you want viewing your content. Stay up to date on your competitors and build backlinks to increase trust with search engines.

You should create a list of a few long tail keywords — keywords that features three or four words that are more specific — that apply to your business and can give you the upper hand in ranking. Finally, optimizing your website also means making it responsive so it can be viewed easily on any device and functions with speed and efficiency.

Use Local SEO Strategies

Whether you are strictly an online business or have a local store, building a presence within your local community is important. There are three local SEO tactics that you can use for lead generation.

First, make sure you claim your listings on Google and other online directories. You can get more traffic from having accurate listings and improve your rankings on search engines by having accurate information listed across various platforms. Many searches go to different online directories and far too often the information in each individual directory is not up to date.

Second, use local keyword data within your content marketing. Don’t be afraid to include where you are located within your piece of content. A popular search tactic is for people to enter the location they are in or will be in when they need a product or service so they know where they can get it or where to go to find a service. For example, 1Digital Agency is not just a digital marketing agency helping clients with design, development and digital marketing for their businesses, we are one of the leading digital marketing agencies located in the heart of historic old city Philadelphia. Those little extra details local to your business can go a long way in lead generation SEO.

Finally, word of mouth goes a long way as well. Building positive reviews creates more trust and puts recommendations right in front of prospective customers. Did you know that, according to Search Engine Land, 88 percent of consumers trust what they read in online reviews as much as they do a personal recommendation from friends and family? Getting positive reviews can be a difference-maker.

Blog Posts

Blogging is a great way to consistently create content and build on your keyword strategy. There are several different tactics you can take when it comes to blogging for lead generation SEO.

The more you post, the more you can build your results. Your articles should be able to provide something to your customers. Keep them informative and entertaining. Make sure they are well-written. Try to use blog posts to engage with your customers. All of this can go a long way into continuing to build results, which will serve as a motivation to continue posting to your blog.

Give Your Images Alt Tags

Another part of optimization that can get overlooked is applying the alt tags to images on your website.

Search engines do not “see” the images you include on your website. It can only read them. Search engines read images through the alt tags, and if you are not updating this area with descriptive text, you are missing out on better search engine results.

Lead Generation SEO

Website Speed

The speed of a website is a factor that is considered by both search engines and customers. Search engines are programmed to be analytical to various factors of a website and this includes how quickly pages load and function.

From a customer’s standpoint, a website that performs well is essential because a potential customer is only going to wait so long for a website to load and to get information about a product or service before going back to the search results to find something better that loads faster and helps save them time.

Make sure your website has a reliable host. Optimize scripts, enable caching, optimize images, make sure the website is responsive, fits all screens, and gets rid of any unnecessary elements of the website like broken links, spam comments, and plugins.

Build Your Social Media Presence

You may wonder what having a social media presence has to do with search engines results. Major search engines actually take social media content into account when indexing and can include them in search engine results.

Several of the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube rank in the Top 20 of websites with the most keywords on Google. Not only that, but people are also now using social media to search for terms as well, so having a strong social media presence that uses your keywords can only help your visibility on both ends.

Some tips for your social media include using keywords in your name or bio, writing unique descriptions for each post using keywords that are relevant, using trending hashtags where applicable and adding share buttons to your website.

Things to Avoid

There is a lot you should do to improve your SEO results for lead generation strategy, but there are also plenty of things you should avoid doing.

Don’t use the same font color as your background to hide text or make it invisible. Don’t try to put your own spin on an article from another website and rewrite it trying to make it look new. And make sure your products are all unique.

With these tips, you can achieve success on search engines for lead generation. Many of the tactics for lead generation SEO are similar to eCommerce SEO, but the end goal is obviously different, and that can change the way you structure your keywords or write your content.

When it comes to lead generation SEO or eCommerce SEO, turn to 1Digital Agency for help. We have SEO experts who are with you every step of the way from keyword generation to producing content to delivering updates on your results.

Contact 1Digital Agency today at 215-809-1567 to learn more about how we can help you generate more leads and build better search results with good SEO practices.

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