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Boost Your Conversion Rate with These Optimization Tips


So much of digital marketing is about solving the puzzles of search engines and optimization — the algorithms, the SEO, getting page ranking and keywords just right. But so much of the jargon is difficult to understand for people who just want to run their business and may struggle to understand all of the technicalities of rankings.

Today, we will look at some tips that can help you improve your conversion rate and traffic by optimizing properly.

At 1Digital Agency, we can do it all from the design of your website to the development and eCommerce SEO and optimization to help you get the rankings you want, but may not know how.

Answer Questions – Building up your SEO happens with regular blog posts and content. Articles that demonstrate how to do things and answer common search queries will get you far because you are directly addressing the needs of your customers.

Back Up Your Information – When it comes to content, it’s not as simple as making a statement. Get some additional information that backs up what you are saying. This can be with a list of statistics, a case study that displays successes or testimonials from previous customers who are satisfied with your products and services.

Serve as a Guide – You not only want to be a guide when it comes to content and how-tos, but you also want to make it easy to guide customers around your website. Easy navigation can be the difference in a conversion or a lost sale.


Website Speed – How fast your website pages load and how efficient your site runs are also ranking factors in Google and can be a dealbreaker for customers who don’t want to wait after the click on the results from their searches. Conduct tests to see that your website speed is where it should be.

Set Low Expectations at the Start – Don’t always focus on the sale as the only end result. You can start to build trust and interest with a potential customer by getting them to take another action on their first visit to your website, like downloading a form, sharing an article or subscribing to an email. Getting them to do something is just one step to a sale in the future.

Make Your Shopping Cart Easy – Your shopping cart should load quickly, be safe, integrated, secure and easy to use for customers. One of the leading reasons conversions are not completed is from abandoned shopping carts, whether it took too long to load, too long to process, or was just too complicated.

Landing Pages – Create landing pages for different platforms, different products and different categories on your website and give them unique messaging to fit the customers you are targeting. Having dedicated landing pages that can prompt action from visitors can go a long way in boosting conversions.

Go Mobile First – The majority of your traffic is not using a desktop or laptop computer, rather quickly completing a search with their phone or making a purchase on the go. Having a mobile-first dedication can keep you in touch with your customer base.

These tips are only the beginning to helping you improve conversion rates and increase traffic by building optimization with search engines in your content, SEO and overall website design and performance.

At 1Digital Agency, you can get the assistance you need in all of these areas of optimization from design to development to SEO and content. With experts in these areas and partnerships with the leading eCommerce platforms, become a partner with us and start achieving the results you have been waiting for. Contact us today to learn more.

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